When you think of Care Home Abuse, your thoughts will probably turn to the horrific news headlines that surface every now and then. 

The news reports tell of serious misconduct by those given the responsibility of caring for the vulnerable such as the elderly and disabled. It made me think about the victims that go unheard of.

What about the elderly that suffer in nursing homes, in silence?

How many Cases of neglect do not reach the news?

Nursing Home Abuse is difficult to deal with. If your loved one is being abused in a nursing home, how can you prove it?

Bruises and cuts could be the result of a fall, and could be just and accident so how do you know if it is negligence or even elder abuse?

This website will help you and put you in touch with the right people who can help you. Victims of care home neglect If you are a victim you could be suffering both physical and emotional pain, not sure who to turn to, you may even be wondering if you should be turning to anyone at all.

There are specialist organizations who deal with this with care and consideration. They are trained to looking into your concerns confidentially.

Do you Suspect abuse or negligence is taking place?

If you are a family member or you work in a care home and suspect that abuse or negligence is taking place, you may be worried about exposing it, what if you get it wrong? Being in such a situation could be tricky. You are not alone! I hope this website will bring both victims, families and professional together. A care home abuse and negligence resource, providing you with both strength and the resources to help you deal with your dilemma.